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UK International Clinics
We are pleased to provide some free clinics for our AYSO players. The clinic will be provided by UK International - Coach Brandon Nails.

Please see the schedule for dates and times.

Please RSVP to ARCCOACH@AYSO.Vegas if attending the training - with the date and time your player will be attending.

10-17-2014U10 Boys5:30PM-6:15PMSpotted Leaf
10-17-2014U10 Girls6:30PM-7:15PMSpotted Leaf
10-24-2014U10 Girls5:30PM-6:15PMSpotted Leaf
10-24-2014U10 Boys6:30PM-7:15PMSpotted Leaf
11-03-2014U10 Girls9:00AM-10:00AMCommunity Park
11-03-2014U10 Boys10:15AM-11:15AMCommunity Park
11-03-2014U12 Girls11:30AM-12:30PMCommunity Park
11-03-2014U12 Boys12:45PM-1:45PMCommunity Park
11-03-2014U14 & U192:00PM-3:00PMCommunity Park
11-07-2014U10 Girls5:30PM-6:15PMSpotted Leaf
11-07-2014U10 Boys6:30PM-7:15PMSpotted Leaf

11-01-2014U10 Boys9:00AM-10:00AMCommunity Park
11-01-2014U10 Girls10:15AM-11:15AMCommunity Park
11-01-2014U12 Boys11:30AM-12:30PMCommunity Park
11-01-2014U12 Girls12:45PM-1:45PMCommunity Park
11-01-2014U14 U192:00PM-3:00PMCommunity Park
11-04-2014U10 Boys9:00AM-10:00AMCommunity Park
11-04-2014U10 Girls10:15AM-11:15AMCommunity Park
11-04-2014U12 Boys11:30AM-12:30PMCommunity Park
11-04-2014U12 Girls12:45PM-1:45PMCommunity Park
11-04-2014U14 & U192:00PM-3:00PMCommunity Park
Support Downtown Soccer Stadium
Our beloved Commissioner Sarah Lawrence spoke at a Town Hall Meeting last night. Show your support for soccer and a downtown soccer stadium by tweeting with the Hashtag #?YesMLS2LV? &/or contact your councilwoman/councilman and let them know you support soccer in las vegas.

U8 Officials Needed
We need U8 Referee and assistant referee's for the Fall season!!!

Help our U8 players enjoy a fun, fair and safe game of soccer by volunteering to become a U8 Referee!

The Training
· Register as a Volunteer at eayso.org and sign up with Mike Limbert U8officialcoordinator@lvsoccer.org to enroll.
· Complete online training—Take Safe Haven (60-70 min), Concussion Awareness (60 min) and Basic Referee online training (60-100 min) at aysotraining.org. Sign in with AYSO ID number (on volunteer form or you can get it when you sign on to eayso bottom left corner). Click on Courses. This will take you to the Safe Haven & Concussion training and the Basic Referee course.
* Please complete the courses and bring the completion certificate to the classroom training.
· Attend classroom training on Weds, Aug 27th at 6:30pm or Sat, Aug 30th at 9am at Crossings Park (class takes 1 hour)
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Through soccer, Madeline has learned many valuable lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship and dedication. Lessons she will take with her for the rest of her life.

I can't say enough nice things about the dedicated coaching staff who even with 8-9 other girls on the team, found a way to make our daughter feel special and nurtured her as an individual to bring out the best of her natural abilities.

Through AYSO our entire family has made life long friends and countless wonderful memories.
Kathleen T.
AYSO has been a great experience for my family. It's so much fun watching my 7 year old daughter enjoy, grow, and develop her soccer skills. My participation as a volunteer coach makes the experience even more rewarding, for both my daughter and myself. Volunteering brings the community together in a meaningful and rewarding way! I highly recommend participating and volunteering in AYSO to all my friends and neighbors, it's an experience that will give your familly a lifetime of great memories!
Victor S.
The other day my daughter commented that she wished she had soccer practice every night. I asked her, don't you think you would get sick of it? She said no way!! I get to run around with my friends and have fun. What's there to get sick of?

We love AYSO and the opportunities it affords our kids to grow both physically and socially.
Teresa L.
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