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2016 Spring Season Update

The spring season is right around the corner! The first games of the regular season will be held the weekend of March 4th and 5th.

Coordinators are currently in the process of assigning rosters to their coaches. Team rosters will be assigned to coaches at the following division-specific coach meetings:

U6Sat., Feb. 27th10:00-11:00amThe Trails Community Center
U8Sat., Feb. 20th10:00-11:30amThe Trails Community Center
U10Wed., Feb. 17th6:30-8:00pmThe Trails Community Center
U12Thur., Feb. 18th6:30-8:00pmWillows Community Center
U14Fri., Feb. 19th6:30-8:00pmThe Trails Community Center
U19Fri., Feb. 19th6:30-8:00pmThe Trails Community Center

Once rosters are assigned, coaches will begin contacting their teams to coordinate their initial team meetings and practices. For the U8-U19 divisions, coaches will be contacting families during the week of February 15th as practices in these divisions may begin the week of February 22nd. For the U6 division, coaches will be contacting their teams after February 27th.

If you do not hear from a coach by March 1st, please contact your division coordinator.

Are you ready for some soccer?!?!
Coach Training Schedule Spring 2016

Region 1258 will be conducting the following mandatory Coach Training sessions throughout January and February in preparation for the Spring 2016 season:

U81FieldFeb 610:00a-12:00pCommunity Park
2FieldFeb 106:00p-8:00pCommunity Park
U101FieldFeb 610:00a-12:00pCommunity Park
2FieldFeb 106:00p-8:00pCommunity Park
U121ClassFeb 56:00p-8:00pWillows Comm. Center
FieldFeb 610:00a-12:00pCommunity Park
2ClassFeb 96:00p-8:00pWillows Comm. Center
FieldFeb 106:00p-8:00pCommunity Park
Int1 *ClassJan 155:30p-8:30pWillows Comm. Center
Field ***Jan 168:00a-5:00pCommunity Park
FieldJan 179:00a-1:00pCommunity Park
Adv1 **ClassJan 155:30p-8:30pWillows Comm. Center
Field ***Jan 168:00a-5:00pCommunity Park
FieldJan 179:00a-1:00pCommunity Park
Coaches must attend all Field and Classroom Trainings in a session to be certified.
Field training requires drill participation. Please dress accordingly and bring water.
* Must have completed U12 training.
** Must have completed intermediate training.
*** Lunch provided.

Please bring the following items to any training session: (1) your Driver's License No. and (2) a completed Volunteer Application. Step-by-step instructions on how to register as a volunteer and print out your completed Volunteer Application can be found by clicking HERE.

Should you have any questions regarding the training schedule or prerequisites, please visit the Coaches' Corner or contact our Region Coach Administrator at coachadmin@lvsoccer.org.
Referee Training Schedule Spring 2016

Referees, Coaches, Team Parents, Volunteers and even U14/U19 players are welcome to attend the upcoming referee or assistant referee trainings. Anyone who wants to learn the Laws of the game are welcome to attend and will not be pressured into refereeing games if they have no intention of doing so.

To be a referee, however, training is mandatory. AYSO has developed special training that helps volunteers who may have little or no soccer experience quickly gain the age-appropriate knowledge and skills they need to be effective referees.

Below are the steps necessary to volunteer as a referee:
  • Register as a volunteer. Step-by-step instructions on how to register as a volunteer and print out your completed Volunteer Application can be found by clicking HERE.

  • Take the Basic Referee, Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness classes by clicking HERE

  • Take a class on the following dates:

Intermediate Referee *ClassFri., Jan. 22, 20166:00p-9:00pTrails Community Center
ClassSat., Jan. 23, 20169:00a-1:00pTrails Community Center
On-Field Refresher **FieldSat., Feb. 27, 20169:00a-12:00pCommunity Park
Asst. RefereeClassTues., Mar. 1, 20166:00p-9:00pTrails Community Center
ClassWed., Mar. 2, 20166:00p-9:00pTrails Community Center
* Must attend both session and already be a certified AYSO referee.
** For returning referees.

Prospective Referees: Please bring the following items to the training session: (1) your Driver's License No. and (2) a completed Volunteer Application.

For more information regarding prerequisites, please click HERE. Should you have any questions regarding the training schedule, please contact our Region Referee Administrator at refereeadmin@lvsoccer.org.
Referee Point System - Spring Playoff Qualification

Region 1258 cannot offer safe, fun and fair games for our players without volunteer referees. In order for Region 1258 to succeed in supporting such a large pool of players, it must recruit, train, develop and retain a pool of competent volunteer referees and officials. Paying referees is not an option because AYSO is a non-profit, volunteer organization.

To incentivize the participation of volunteer referees, the Region has implemented a point system that will qualify teams to participate in the Regional Playoffs based on each teams’ contribution to the referee pool. Specifically, each team in the U10-19 divisions is required to earn a minimum of 7 points during the regular spring season and commit to assist or referee at least one game in the playoffs to qualify their team to play in the Regional Playoffs at the end of the regular season.

Points may be earned during the regular season as follows:
  • 2 Points - Referee U14-19 game
  • 1.5 Points - Assistant Referee U14-19 game OR Referee U10-12 game
  • 1 Point - Assistant Referee U10-12 game OR Referee U8 game
  • 1 Point - Attend a referee training or meeting
  • A referee can split his/her points between a maximum of two teams and excees points cannot be shared or otherwise donated
Referee training is provided by Region 1258 at the times and locations identified on the website.

Although we encourage your participation, please remember that volunteering to referee is NOT a right, it comes with the responsibility to act with integrity, honest effort and the promise to never criticize the calls of our fellow referee's. We need volunteers to train and develop into Intermediate and Advanced Referees who will, one day, become Instructors and Assessors in support of the Region for years to come.
Registration is currently:


Contact registrar@lvsoccer.org to be placed on the waiting list for the Spring 2016 season. Please include in the email your child's name and birth date and whether you are interested in volunteering as a coach or referee.

PLEASE NOTE: if you volunteer as a coach or a referee, your child will obtain a priority on the waiting list. Spring season begins March 5, 2016.

Through soccer, Madeline has learned many valuable lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship and dedication. Lessons she will take with her for the rest of her life.

I can't say enough nice things about the dedicated coaching staff who even with 8-9 other girls on the team, found a way to make our daughter feel special and nurtured her as an individual to bring out the best of her natural abilities.

Through AYSO our entire family has made life long friends and countless wonderful memories.
Kathleen T.
AYSO has been a great experience for my family. It's so much fun watching my 7 year old daughter enjoy, grow, and develop her soccer skills. My participation as a volunteer coach makes the experience even more rewarding, for both my daughter and myself. Volunteering brings the community together in a meaningful and rewarding way! I highly recommend participating and volunteering in AYSO to all my friends and neighbors, it's an experience that will give your familly a lifetime of great memories!
Victor S.
The other day my daughter commented that she wished she had soccer practice every night. I asked her, don't you think you would get sick of it? She said no way!! I get to run around with my friends and have fun. What's there to get sick of?

We love AYSO and the opportunities it affords our kids to grow both physically and socially.
Teresa L.
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