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Region 1258 - Las Vegas-Summerlin
Contact information for the Region 1258 administration, including all board members, referee administrators, coach administrators and coordinators is included below:

CommissionerJason Johnsoncommissioner@lvsoccer.org
Asst. CommissionerAnnie Bushasstcommissioner@lvsoccer.org
SecretarySamantha Willissecretary@lvsoccer.org
RegistrarSusana Pizanoregistrar@lvsoccer.org
Child Volunteer Protection AdvocateAnnie BushCVPA@lvsoccer.org
TreasurerGeorge Dammeirtreasurer@lvsoccer.org
Safety DirectorKurt Mayersafety@lvsoccer.org
PurchaserRizzie Lovepurchaser@lvsoccer.org
All-Star CoordinatorKara Graceallstar@lvsoccer.org
Social Media CoordinatorKara Gracesocial@lvsoccer.org
Snack Bar Coordinatorsnackbar@lvsoccer.org
Sponsorship Coordinatorsponsorship@lvsoccer.org
Parks Coordinatorparks@lvsoccer.org
General InformationDavid Freemaninfo@lvsoccer.org
WebmasterDavid Freemanwebmaster@lvsoccer.org
Volunteer Coordinatorvolunteer@lvsoccer.org
Board MemberKristen Freemanboardmember@lvsoccer.org
Board MemberJames Coulthardboardmember1@lvsoccer.org
Coach AdministratorJeff Bushcoachadmin@lvsoccer.org
Assistant Coach AdministratorJim Willisasstcoachadmin@lvsoccer.org
Coach Trainer
Referee AdministratorKim Wilkinsonrefereeadmin@lvsoccer.org
Assistant Referee AdministratorAndy Terzichasstrefereeadmin@lvsoccer.org
U8 Official Coordinatoru8official@lvsoccer.org
Director of AssessmentKurt Mayerassessment@lvsoccer.org
Director of InstructionKurt Mayerinstruction@lvsoccer.org
Director of CoordinatorsMelissa Toltondircoordinators@lvsoccer.org
U5 Master CoachKim WilkinsonU5coach@lvsoccer.org
U6 Boys CoordinatorPeter MaxwellU6Bcoordinator@lvsoccer.org
U6 Girls CoordinatorsPeter MaxwellU6Gcoordinator@lvsoccer.org
U8 Boys CoordinatorsAnnie BushU8Bcoordinator@lvsoccer.org
U8 Girls CoordinatorJordan PotterU8Gcoordinator@lvsoccer.org
U10 Boys CoordinatorJim WillisU10Bcoordinator@lvsoccer.org
U10 Girls CoordinatorsChristina HaroU10Gcoordinator@lvsoccer.org
U12 Boys CoordinatorTyrone LewisU12Bcoordinator@lvsoccer.org
U12 Girls CoordinatorsLisa JonesU12Gcoordinator@lvsoccer.org
U14 CoordinatorU14coordinator@lvsoccer.org
U19 CoordinatorU19coordinator@lvsoccer.org
VIP CoordinatorWendy PahorVIPcoordinator@lvsoccer.org

Jason Johnson
Board Member (Commissioner)
You can contact Jason Johnson at commissioner@lvsoccer.org.
George Dammeir
Board Member (Treasurer)
You can contact George Dammeir at treasurer@lvsoccer.org.
Annie Bush
Board Member (CVPA)
You can contact Annie Bush at CVPA@lvsoccer.org.
Jeff & Annie Bush
Board Members (Asst. Comm. and Asst. Coach Admin.)
In addition to sitting on the Region’s Board of Directors, Annie is the Regional Assistant Commissioner and Jeff is our Asst. Coach Administrator. Jeff and Annie have two children participating in AYSO. Jeff and Annie have been involved with AYSO for the last 5 years. Over the last four seasons, Jeff volunteered as head coach for both his daughter’s and son's teams. Jeff can also be found refereeing a game between his coaching duties each Saturday. Fueled by their family’s love and passion for soccer, Jeff and Annie look forward to volunteering for many years to come. You can contact Annie Bush at asstcommissioner@lvsoccer.org and Jeff Bush at coachadmin@lvsoccer.org.
Kristen Freeman
Board Member (At-Large)
Kristen serves on the Region's Board of Directors as a member at-large. Kristen's excellent organizational skills, approachability and ability to communicate facilitate organized and fun seasons for all of our children and volunteers. Kristen's four daughters' passion for soccer ensures that she will be volunteering her time to the Region for the long haul. You can contact Kristen Freeman at boardmember@lvsoccer.org.
David Freeman
Board Member - (Webmaster)
David is one of our longstanding coaches in Region 1258, having coached his daughters and their friends in the U6, U8 and U10 divisions. David also serves on the Region's Board of Directors, is a certified coach trainer. With four young daughters, David and his family will be actively participating and volunteering in the Region for years to come. You can contact David Freeman at webmaster@lvsoccer.org.
Kim Wilkinson
Referee Administrator and U5 Master Coach
Kim currently serves as the Master Coach in the under-5 division and the Referee Administrator. Kim has been a part of the AYSO organization for over 18 years serving on Area and Regional boards, training, refereeing and coaching. Coach Kim's unique and fun style of coaching is perfect for our little ones who eat up what she's serving every weekend. If you ask Coach Kim, every age group is her favorite! You can contact Kim Wilkinson at U5coach@lvsoccer.org or refereeadmin@lvsoccer.org.
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