About Us

We are an all volunteer nonprofit organization in support of the the youth of Lago Vista, Jonestown, and surrounding communities.

Established 2021.   Lago Vista, Texas.


To see every youth experience soccer at least one season.

To build into the youth of Lago Vista and support future LVHS Soccer Players.


SPORTSMANSHIP – being fair and respectful to others in a sporting contest

INTEGRITY – being honest and doing the right thing even when it’s hard or when no one is looking

RESPECT – acting in a way that shows you care about others and their feelings and well-being

DISCIPLINE – the practice of obeying rules and demonstrating good behavior

EXCELLENCE – striving to be and do your best

FUN – enjoying or having pleasure in life


The mission of the Lago Vista Soccer Club is to provide the opportunity for all interested in participating in youth soccer and to develop soccer skills to each player’s potential, while building high self-esteem, good character, and physical abilities, and maintaining a fun environment.

“I am glad to have an opportunity to be a part of a Lago Vista team, so that my child can participate amongst peers.”
– Spring ’22 Parent


International Football Association Board

We play according to the rules and guidelines of IFBA

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Chris Childs


Patrice Surley

Treasurer/Field Commissioner 

Gretchen Smith


Allison Gerwick